Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Round Robin Block

Gerry of Sewing Southpaw took some new photos of my block. Thank you! Thank you! It's so exciting to see the progress as it makes it's way around!

This is the photo Gerry took of the whole block. It just keeps on getting prettier!

Rebecca stitched the delicate flowers and added the lace, very fitting for Gwenevier! Thank you, Rebecca! Then she sent the block on to Gerry.

Gerry embellished the lace that I stitched onto one of the pieces on a whim. It was an "oh well, why not" moment. Flowers and beads fit for a Queen! Gerry, you did a wonderful job! Thank you!

Chocolate wrapper wisdom for the day..."Get your feet massaged." Oh, doesn't that sound lovely!


Susan said...

The block is so pretty! Love how it's turning out.

A foot massage sounds fabulous to me. Now who do you suppose does them?

Candi Harris said...

Your block is soooo pretty, can't wait to see it done!

Tipsy said...

Very pretty.