Monday, October 23, 2006

Block 1 Update

Two days of working on this cascade of colonial knots and I am not quite sure if it is completed. I think I will live with it a few days before I come back to contemplate it again. I added a splash of red, but it could be that it needs a bit more of the fall red. Yep, better live with it a bit. The leaves are all variations of detached chain stitches and all stitches today are using perle cotton 5.

I also added just a bit of orange to the seam treatment below. It just seemed right (no pun intended). The seam that is partially in view at the top right is only just begun. More on that seam later, since I have no idea right now where that one is going!

My chocolate wrapper is telling me - "Be mischievous. It feels good." Ah yes, but that has gotten me in trouble before. Not everyone understands my sense of humor.

Can there be blogging without chocolate?


Jo in NZ said...

Teresa, your blocks are lovely. I adore fall colours.
Please, please tell me that the pumpkin is done machine or something. It is just gorgeous, I couln't stand it if you managed to create that by hand!!! lol
Blogrolling you now. I'll be back.

May Britt said...

I agree, No blogging without chocolate! Love the block you have made. It is my colours. And tha adding of orange and red.....perfect.

TeresaB said...

Jo, yes the pumpkin is machine embroidered. I am using things that I had stitched out to see if I liked the design - then I decided that they could be used this way (especially since the table runner idea came to me).