Thursday, October 26, 2006

Progress on Block 1

Today was a grey, gloomy, cold and wet day, just the kind of day to stay indoors and stitch. I completed the stitching on 3 more seams this afternoon and evening.

The top right seam is sheaf stitch alternating with a cross stitch, both done in Perle Cotton 5. The cross stitch is crossed with another tiny cross stitch in orange silk buttonhole twist. This tiny cross doesn't really show up in the photo, but it is there!

The center seam is a herringbone stitch unadorned and waiting for some beads. I'll be adding beads after I complete all of the stitching on the block. In the bottom right hand corner is a woven running stitch. Both of these seams were stitched in Perle Cotton 5.

A friend of mine, Miss Freda, warned me (as did several others) that this crazy quilting was addicting and I was a bit sceptical. I now have to admit that all of you were right and I am now addicted!

The chocolate wrapper must have known about today's weather! "It's definitely a bubble-bath day" it says!

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Allison said...

This is looking good! You are off on a wonderful new journey....have fun!