Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My CQ Seam Treatment Journal

Last night, I looked around my computer and saw a paper full of quick sketches of seam treatments that I had seen on a crazy quilt listed on eBay. Not far away was a journal with a beautiful CQ cover that I had ordered from Sharon B's shop at Cafe Press. (Check it out - great CQ stuff - and sign up for her newsletter too!) My brain fires up - what a perfect place to record these seam treatments! So out come my Dream-A-Seam templates (from Carole Samples - marvels of artistic symmetry), rulers, circle template, and colored pencils and I get to work.

This is the first page of my Crazy Quilting Seam Treatment Journal. I will keep it in my CQ workbasket so that it will be close at hand for inspiration. I am quite pleased with myself!

Now to find all those other pieces of paper stashed around the house!

I reward myself with chocolate. "Remember your first everything" the chocolate wrapper says. Yes, it's a first step in nurturing my creativity and the artist within.


Virginia said...

What a great idea!!

Susan said...

I love the one you sketched out on the top of the page, from eBay. I see you do what I do, on those occasions when I sketch on paper first - put the template number with the sketch!