Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Start on Block 2

Yesterday, I got 1 1/4 yards of the hem edging completed for Aiden's baptismal gown. Today, I need to get another 1 1/4 yards made! Onward and upward...

I also made some time for stitching on Block 2 of my Fall Table Runner. It was very happy to receive some attention.

On the piece in the lower right corner, I embroidered the design in the fabric with a stem stitch using silk buttonhole twist. and the lace on the top left corner was based on. I still don't know how I will be embellishing the lace, but inspiration will come, I am sure.

The chocolate wrapper for the day says "Hey, why not?" Maybe I need to have another piece of chocolate!


Susan said...

That's going to be very pretty. I'm impressed with that corner embroidery! I enlarged the pic to see the stitching. Did you do it randomly? The lace is gorgeous, and I'm sure you will come up with some wonderful beads or thread embellishment for it. I do like that piece of lace.

TeresaB said...


The fabric had that pattern of swirls (very pale) and I just embroidered over the pattern. It was fun!