Monday, January 22, 2007

Completed Pincushion

It's here! A completed project!

I am happy with the way my pincushion turned out. As I mentioned before, some of the techniques learned in this class still need practice, but, overall, I am happy with what I learned. I enjoyed working with the linen. I had not done machine embroidery on linen before so it was a good thing to learn.

I keep on taking classes because I figure that, if I am going to have one of the upper-end sewing machines, I should learn as much as I can about it's capabilities. Besides, it's fun to learn all these neat things.

The pincushion has three pieces, a little "pillow," a back piece with buttonholes, and a front piece with buttonholes. It gets sandwiched together and a ribbon woven through the buttonholes holds it all together.

Direct from the chocolate wrapper... "Decorate your life."


Gail said...

Your pincushion is darling. Great work.

Thelma said...

Very Pretty!