Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pincushion - In Progress

One of my current ambitions is to stop creating UFO's. I am determined to complete the small projects that get started in the classes I take.

Last Sunday, a group of us got together to help out our friend Kim. Kim will be teaching a class at the upcoming Husqvarna Viking national convention. She needed us to test her directions for accuracy and ease of understanding.

Our first task was to learn how to build the machine embroidery design in our software. This was really fun! We learned to use the entredeux stitch to create the look of handmade Fil Tire.

After we built the design, it was time to stitch it out.

I didn't get the pincushion completed in the time allowed, but I had the opportunity to work on it with Kim at the shop's "Fuzzy Slipper Night" (an open sew, sew-until-you-can't-see-straight, with refreshments provided). We learned how to make corded scallops. My scallops are a bit uneven - I'll need to practice a bit more. The back of the pincushion is completed. Tomorrow, I will sew the scallops on the top, trim my jump stitches, open the buttonholes and weave the ribbon.

I am determined to complete this and not create another UFO! Now that I have told you about this, I have to get it completed or prove myself to be a real slacker.

Chocolate wrapper wisdom for the day - " Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses."


Ati. said...

Teresa, the pincushions will turn out beautiful!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you have Dove Chocolates!!! My favorite!
Hope you finish your project too!

Susan said...

Oh, this is so pretty and feminine! I can hardly wait to see it with ribbon. In fact, I have no idea how it will become a pincushion, so I'm excited to see that, too.

May Britt said...

It's a tough decision you have made. Not to make any ufo's, but what about WISP (work in slow progress) LOL. This is one decision I never would manage to have, so I admire you if you hold it.