Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Life Has Been Chaos

Well, life in 2007 has been chaos. A horrible virus knocked me flat over the New Year's weekend and was very difficult to recover from. Part of that was my own stubborn fault. I was determined for several days to "get back to normal and get things done." This just led to total exhaustion and secondary infection (ear and sinus infections) that were not nice and put me back to bed. A one week recovery became close to 3 weeks.

Somewhere in all of that, I managed to complete Aiden's baptismal gown (see post on December 2, 2006). I forgot all about taking a photo of it before I gave it to his parents, so I am waiting to see if anyone got a nice photo that shows off the gown.

Also, as a result of recent (and not so recent) problems, I just spent several days with the hearing specialists and the audiologist. The end result of that experience was being fitted yesterday for 2 hearing aids. To be very honest, what little vanity I have was terribly offended at the idea of having just turned 54 and needing 2 hearing aids in order to have a life resembling normal. Basically, I'm just not old enough to be in this situation!

My more practical side has begun to kick in and be more reasonable. I am beginning to wonder if I remember what normal hearing is like. If my life is improved, it will all be to the better and my vanity will recover.

Now, I am two weeks behind with "Take A Stitch Tuesday" and my UFO project is sitting here making me feel guilty for not starting on it yet and my block for the Crazy Quilting for Newbies Round Robin is sitting here waiting to be sent out. Tomorrow, I begin my life again at the slower speed with lots of naps that my body is demanding.

Needless to say, coping has required copious amounts of CHOCOLATE! The chocolate wrapper wisdom of the day tells me to "Go to your special place." Getting back to that special stitching place in my mind and my life will be good.


Susan said...

Oh, you poor baby! Is there any chocolate left in your town? There wouldn't be in mine at this point! I hope you are feeling better from the illness, at least. Hearing is good. I always envied Paul's grandmother. She would turn her hearing aid off when she didn't want to hear you. If we said Regan couldn't have a cookie, she would give him one anyway and later say she didn't hear us. =)

Anonymous said...

What make are your hearing aids? Oh, and 54 is not THAT young to be wearing them!

Charlene said...

Hope you will take care of yourself so you can recover from that illness. Who knows what kinds of sounds you've been missing - the man of your dreams may be a soft talker :-) Just teasing - not being in the situation makes it easy for me to say I know, but to me it's like glasses for the ears - and I've worn them since 18. Our HR benefits coordinator has worn two since she was about 35, I think.