Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Round Robin - CQforNewbies

The Crazy Quilting for Newbies Round Robin is under way. Blocks are from a fairy tale or story.

The first block that I get to work on is from Faith - The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I love all the bunnies! Faith did the silk ribbon embroidery.

My block is from The Once and Future King, or Le Morte de Arthur, or, if you prefer, Camelot. Gwenvier is the centerpiece. I can't wait to see how everyone embellishes it!

My life of chaos is settling down. I am slowly getting adjusted to my hearing aids. I have been very tired and was a bit worried until a friend pointed out that "your brain is working harder than it has in a long time and no wonder you're tired!" I guess that makes sense. Anyway, sounds like the furnace and the refrigerator are fading into the background, so I am adjusting like the audiologist said I would. It's just taking time. (sigh) I have also stopped jumping every time a new sound reaches my ears.

I couldn't wear them outside because of the cold and the wind. I have to find out if the hearing aids can be adjusted to minimize the wind. Between the cold, the snow and the wind, shoveling the driveway was a pain even after I came in and took out the hearing aids. Don't we all love sub-zero weather. I rewarded myself with an extra piece of chocolate.

"Love is always the perfect gift." The chocolate wrapper knows.


Susan said...

I can hardly wait to see what you do on the bunny block. Your block looks great, too!

I'm glad to hear that your brain is adjusting, but I think your friend is right - it's working hard to do it!

Thelma said...

It is going to be exciting to see what your block will look like when you get it back. Can't wait to see what work you do on Faith's block. These blocks are going to be awesome! I so wished I would have been able to stay in on the swap. Maybe next time.

Gerry said...

These are great blocks. I look forward to seeing how you work them.