Thursday, February 15, 2007

Round Robin - Faith's Block Again

I completed a seam on Faith's Peter Rabbit block today.

I did the colonial knots and the fly stitch (both in Perle Cotton 5) and then ran out of inspiration. So I put it down and walked away. I decided to check out where the TAKE A STITCH TUESDAY challenge was, since life has calmed down and I now have time to jump in. As I was reviewing the stitches covered to date, I was inspired by the detached chain stitch. So I went back to my stitching and added that in Perle Cotton 8.

Now, since I can't find where the spider charms are hiding in my stash, I have to figure out how to embroider a spider. At least some of my CQ mess is getting cleaned up and organized while I look for those spiders!

Great wisdom from the chocolate wrapper today. "Age is nothing but a number." A philosophy I can heartily agree with.


Susan said...

I love that seam! Pefect inspiration, perfect timing. The colors are really pretty together, too.

Anonymous said...

Just when I thnk you have done the most beautiful addition to my cq block, you add yet something more so. Teresa, I just love your work on my block - Thank you so much - just can't wait to see it finished!

Hugs, Faith