Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Round Robin - Faith's Block

I worked on a spider web for Faith's block yesterday, but took it out because I was not happy with it. So, today, I made a second attempt and am happier with the result.

I am new to making spider webs. So, while it's not perfect, it seems to me to be a very credible effort. Now, I know that I have some spider charms somewhere in my stash - if only I could find them! Tomorrow, on to a seam treatment.

I went to the audiologist to have my hearing aids checked out and he made a few adjustments for me. A little more noise reduction was added on one side and he says that the feedback that I was getting every time I answered the phone would be gone (he was right!). Every day sounds are still working their way into the background and the hearing aids are beginning to feel like they belong in my ears instead of being an intrusion on my person.

Of course, today it was very, very windy (25 mph with gusts to 45 mph) while I was out shoveling the snow today. I will have to work on remembering to remove the hearing aids before I go out to shovel. I had to come in (again) and take them out because the wind and the cold were causing problems (like being too loud and freezing my ears). The audiologist told me that there was nothing he could do about excessive winds - I would just have to put up with it like everyone else. Since it is still snowing, I'll be at it again tomorrow.

I must confess to having an extra piece of chocolate as a reward for shoveling the driveway. The chocolate wrapper wisdom is good advice for staying at home in the snowy weather..."Watch reruns, they replay your memories." Actually, I have been watching DVD's of Firefly (great "cowboys and bad guys among the stars" science fiction).


Susan said...

I absolutely *love* Firefly! We talk about the characters as if they were real people - talk about their motivations and all kinds of things. =) That was one of the best SciFi shows to come along in years, but it was on the wrong network. =( Do you have Serenity also?

I am glad the problems with the hearing aids are diminishing. I don't envy you shoveling all that snow, with or without!

Susan said...

Oh, and the spider web looks great to me. =)