Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Round Robin Progress

As I was looking at the Peter Rabbit block, I thought that the bunny ovals needed to be framed. So I decided to needle tat a frame for one of the ovals.

I used Perle Cotton 8. Since I was designing the frame to exactly fit the oval, it took a few tries to get the right shape, but I did it!

About my hearing aids...I have had emails and comments saying that maybe I should turn my volume down. Actually with the hearing aids set for normal hearing, if I did that, the sounds I need to hear (like conversation) would be turned down below the level I need to hear properly. This defeats the purpose of wearing hearing aids. The furnace and refrigerator need to recede into the background to the point that I will only notice them if something is wrong (like the refrigerator is making a strange noise that indicates it needs servicing). This is what all normal hearing people do - my brain just has to relearn how to do it.

The chocolate wrapper of the day is a bit self-promoting today. "Add a little sweetness to your day." Oh yes, every day, with chocolate!


Maddie Can Fly said...

Your tatting is gorgeous and makes the perfect frame for this piece!

Susan said...

That is absolutely stunning! What a perfect little frame. I love that idea.

Thelma said...

That sure did make the little bunny sparkle. Your tatting is awesome.