Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Round Robin - Lori's Block - An Idea For Fix

Well, Allison suggested using a ribbon , but I just went through my stash and I didn't find anything that seemed to fit the block. However, I did a search of my lace and found a couple of motifs that might work. All of my lace yardage was either too large or too small to cover the gap at the top of the piece.

I pinned both up. What do you think? Being a newbie at CQ (I've only been doing this since September), I would value opinions and suggestions. So, ladies, leave me a comment!

I suppose that I could also go shopping and see what I can find. (As if I needed an excuse to hit the fabric stores!)

The chocolate wrapper shares it's wisdom..."There's a time for's called later."


Jo in NZ said...

I like the first one Teresa. I can't put my finger on why, but I do. I think it lends itself to 3 or four different seam tratments coming off it, as the other just say "one..going this way"...make sense??

Susan said...

They are both pretty, but I lean toward the second one. The curviness of it softens the angles. However, I think you could toss a coin, because either one will be fine.