Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Block 1 - Slow Progress

I made a little time for stitching today. I added a nice trim that I found at JoAnn's to the block. The colors worked perfectly. The seam will need some beads, but I am not into sewing on beads just yet.

As you may have noticed, things seem to be going rather slowly with this block. I have never been a fast worker when it comes to my needlework. I very much prefer to go slowly and rip out as little as possible. I also don't always make enough time for my stitching. I am trying to make time every day for doing needlework, but it doesn't always work out that way. Often I plan to do it at the end of the day (when the house is quiet), but all too often, I sit down and the next thing I know - it is the middle of the night! Falling asleep on the couch is not a good habit, so I am going to try to make time during the daylight hours.

Are these chocolate wrappers trying to create mischief? "Wink at someone driving past today." Yes, definitely a mischief maker!


Susan said...

I like that rick-rack looking trim. I bought some in the purple-turquoise colors. This one does fit perfectly in the block.

JK said...

Hey hon! I love, love the work you have done on this! Something about bronze and golds just make it stand out. How did you make the cross? Was this a pattern you found, or something you already have? I am rather slow also, but then when I am down to the wire, I seem to work better under the stress. Looking forward to seeing more of this lovely piece.