Monday, November 27, 2006

More Christmas WIP

This afternoon was a good time for stitching. I completed the stitching on another Christmas ornament, just need to put it together. For the seam on the left, I used a metallic ribbon floss fastened with bugle beads and seed beads. I really like the way the tree sequin and stars came out. The seam to the right of the tree is a chain stitch in metallic ribbon floss with seed beads. Bugle beads and seed beads decorate the sequins along the far right seam.

I also added to my Fall Runner Block 1, but haven't been able to get that photo uploaded. It took three tries to get this photo up! (big sigh) Is it that time of the month for Blogger(again)? I'll try again in the morning.

Chocolate wrapper wisdom for the day - "Lose yourself in the moment." Sounds like stitching time to me!!!

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