Sunday, November 05, 2006

Christmas Ornament 1

My small amount of photography skills are showing. Shiny fabrics and trims are defeating me at the moment! The seam on the left is chain stitch done with DMC rayon floss over the gold rickrack, waiting for beads. On the right is stem stitch done in YLI Metallic Ribbon Floss. I will need to shop for some crystal beads to make a little ornaments to hang here.

The unfinished seam in the center is blanket stitch in YLI Ribbon Floss and detached chain stitch in DMC rayon floss. I had only a limited supply of threads and no beads with me at Mom's, but now that I am home again this ornament should finish quickly. I sure missed my stash!

At least the trip home from Michigan was quick (no construction work on Sunday) and took only 3 1/2 hours (that passed quickly as I sang along with Stevie Nicks)!

The wisdom of the chocolate wrapper (I love "buy one, get one free!") for the day is "Hey, why not."

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Susan said...

What a sparkly little spot of cheer to run across!