Friday, November 03, 2006

Christmas Ornaments Started

Since I have a Christmas Ornament Swap coming up, as well as lot of gifts to make, I got started on several ornaments. The ornaments I pieced today are Fan ornaments. The first two are from a kit that I purchased from Evening Star Designs (see side bar). It is a great kit for CQ Newbies, with everything supplied for making 3 ornaments and very easy to follow directions and diagrams.

These fans went together so nicely that I pieced two more using my stash. I made myself stop at that point. I don't want to have too many pieces waiting to be embellished!
It was such a nice day! Mom and I got things done, didn't fight over who was going to use the iron first, and didn't even have to cook dinner! Dad brought home pizza!

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May Britt said...

These christmas fans are going to be beutiful when they are embellished. I should make some to.....soon.