Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Ornament Swap

I almost packed up my Christmas ornament for the CQforNewbies Swap without taking a photo! I completed it yesterday evening. Here it is - all beaded, buttoned, and charmed!

The button is by Mary Englebreit and the charm by JoAnn's. I also added the star sequins and lots of beads. It was difficult to get a good photo with all of the shiny and sparkly things on this ornament. The details don't show up very well.

"Smile. People will wonder what you've been up to." Oooh, the chocolate wrapper of the day has a sense of humor! Sounds fun!

On a personal note, I have to say that I was disappointed that the house gnomes did not take care of the chores while I was down in New Orleans! I would have loved to come home and find that all those things I would normally have done over those three days were taken care of. Alas, no such miracle occurred and I have only now gotten caught up. Now with the Thanksgiving holidays upon us and with traveling (to Mom's in Michigan) and children home for a 4 day weekend, I can only anticipate falling behind again!


Charlene said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Safe trip and happy visiting.

Gerry said...

Very nice work. I love the dangly beads. Don't worry about chores, have a wonderful holiday!

Susan said...

What a lovely fan ornament. I am glad you remembered at the last minute!

Those darned gnomes! They must have been partying too much to clean up.

Candi Harris said...

Your ornament is sooooo pretty! I love it!

Nina In Norway said...

Beautiful, Lucky the lady who receive.

JK said...

This is really sweet! Somebody is going to be very lucky indeed! And those gnomes? Don't depend on them, they are probably out by the pool having a Guinness which they stole from my fridge!